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Dearest Fans

Hey guys,

i just wanted to take some time out to thank you all for your support and give you a little taste to what ive been up to. i recently came back from tour. I went down to Austin Texas for SXSW. it was a great experience and i met alot of people. im working everyday for YOU! the listener because i know you guys want that NEW NEW!!! and no worries its coming, “Young Sinatra” will truly define my sound not only as an Artist, but as a young man in this day and age! we all have our ups and downs and i want my music to be a soundtrack for yours! i have so many tracks already but im stocking up, waiting until the last minute to decide what will go on this mixtape, Because i truly know!!!! this will be the tape to take the Brand to a level i could have never even dreamed of. i want you to know as a fan how deeply i appreciate your support, it may not seem like much to most, but with every post of a new video that you share with your friends, every time you mention my name and spread my music you are bringing my music one step closer to the entire world!

i am forever greatful to have you as not only a fan, but someone who truly cares about my journey on this earth, and i can only hope my experiences may help you in your own travels.

thanks again and expect ssssoooooooooo MUCH! on my end!

all i ask of you is keep listening and spread the word!

Sincerely Yours,


(Young Sinatra)

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